Macworld has published a thorough review of DriveDx for Mac. We are proud and excited to announce that DriveDx received Macworld Editors’ Choice Award, receiving the maximum possible 5 stars! The Macworld Editor’s Choice Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Here are some quotes from the review:

DriveDx puts information about the health and current lifetime of your drives into understandable form you can act on.

DriveDx provided detailed information about what was wrong, and suggested an immediate backup. I was able to transfer 1.5TB of data successfully, averting a potential failure. Yes, I have a backup, but averting failure is better than relying on a backup.

Had I not been running DriveDx, I likely would have lost both drives without advance notice.

Macworld concluded the review with the following verdict:

The best thing you can do to preserve data is to have multiple backups in different places. But the best option to prevent data loss before a drive fails is to run DriveDx. It’s affordable for a single copy and in a family license, and can prevent loads of wasted time or erratic performance that far outweighs its cost.

You can visit Macworld to read the full review of DriveDx for Mac.

Congratulations to the team, and a huge thank you to Macworld for the honors!

DriveDx is advanced drive health (S.M.A.R.T) diagnostic and monitoring tool. DriveDx will protect you from data loss and downtime. No other Mac software – free or paid – provides such a comprehensive set of drive diagnostic routines. Protect your data with Binary Fruit’s award-winning DriveDx.

DriveDx for Mac