Here is the good example story of how DriveDx could help:

Now I just recently experienced a different kind of drive failure. My drive did not crash or get corrupted. It simply stopped working efficiently. On my MacPro desktop I was experiencing major performance slowness. I had rebuilt the OS once or twice. Now I have another MacPro that went 8 years without a rebuild. It’s still running to this day. But this system was having problems. I had run the Mac Drive Utility and it always came back with no issues. I had also run Disk Warrior on it a couple times and while it came up with some index issues that it repaired, my performance was still suffering.

I was going through different software that I suspected may be the issue and doing normal troubleshooting. I was running out of options and was going to just get a new SSD drive and hope for the best.

I was then told about a utility that does more detailed diagnosis of hard drives on a Mac. It’s called Drive DX. You can download a free trial.

I ran the software and well I was quite surprised. Here was the result from my main Hard Drive

You can read full story on Dave Doeppel’s website.