Why DriveDx? Case Studies

Quite a lot of users firmly believe that it’s easier to buy a new $100 HDD or SSD than to purchase a diagnostic tool for $25. They simply forget that data stored on a hard drive may quite often cost manifold more than the drive itself – and sometimes, data are simply invaluable.
In case of professional/business use of a computer, its downtime after an accident may be critical. DriveDx will help avoid such unpleasant surprises by warning you about a potential failure well in advance. You can then run the necessary maintenance procedures for the company’s computer systems in a proactive – and not passive – mode. Besides, you can monitor a drive remotely by receiving automatically generated reports to your email address.
Drive degradation, as a rule, is a process stretched in time. Drive characteristics constantly change: the number of read/write errors constantly increases, while the read/write speed keeps going down, and so forth. As the result, the user works with a low-performance system held back by the storage subsystem. DriveDx warns you about performance drops in such cases (Drive Overall Performance Rating ).
Sometimes, you just can’t do without diagnostics. If something is wrong with the user’s Mac (the computer produces strange sounds, gets noisy, behaves strangely or becomes unstable, etc), the reason can only be identified after full drive diagnostics.
It often happens so that a user believes that the drive in his computer is faulty because of constant read/write errors and general failures. The user buys a new drive, but the problems remain. In this case, the problem is in faulty power and/or ribbon cables. The S.M.A.R.T. technology has a special subset of attributes (indicators) that are solely responsible for interface cables. If the user launched DriveDx prior to ordering a new drive, it would become clear that the problem was with cables and not the drive itself.
DriveDx can help a user make sure that a newly-purchased SSD or HDD is perfect and has no defects. This is very important, since the “mortality rate” is especially high in the first 3 months of its work (that is true for drives that initially had production defects).
DriveDx is advanced drive health diagnostic and monitoring utility.
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